The Newton Microscope is now available

 'To empower the international fight against malaria, tuberculosis and 
the neglected tropical diseases with the new compact Newton Microscope'

 To save lives in the rural tropics with affordable diagnostic microscopy 


THIS YEAR  millions will die in the developing world from preventable tropical diseases and an enormous number of these will be young children under the age of five who will succumb to malaria. Millions more will suffer the debilitating effects of the helminthic diseases resulting in entrenched poverty. While the greatest scourge is malaria which is present in 140 countries, placing some 3.2 billion people at risk, 650 million people will also  be at risk of contracting schistosomiasis and the other helminths.  Millions more are at risk from tuberculosis. Collectively these diseases wreak the greatest havoc in continental Africa yet these debilitating diseases are endemic throughout the tropical regions of the world.

The disease burden of infectious and parasitic diseases in the tropical regions is truly alarming and continues to exert a curse on socio-economic development, condemning tens of millions of people to a life of grinding poverty because of prolonged and unnecessary illnesses. Nearly all of these tropical diseases are preventable and may be routinely diagnosed by simple microscopic examinations of either blood, stool or urine specimens and there remains a pressing need for microscopic diagnosis of these diseases. Nevertheless the continual attrition of facilities within rural health clinics renders the lack of microscopes a major logistical bottleneck because of high cost.  This is especially true amongst field-based roving health teams or first-point-of-call health centres in remote areas. Furthermore an ‘on the ground’ health assessment is urgently needed to reveal the true extent of tropical diseases to better guide preventative drug delivery.

THE WORLD HEALTH AUTHORITY REAFFIRMS MICROSCOPY AS THE GOLD STANDARD for the diagnosis of tropical diseases. There is an overwhelming case for a low cost portable microscope and the Newton Microscope is available to address this need. A simple and pragmatic alternative to expensive laboratory instruments this inexpensive and highly compact microscope could be distributed widely in Africa commencing 2015.                       
Malaria parasite plamodium falciparum
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